Things You May or May Not Know About Steiff Bears

steiff-bear1Steiff bears have rightfully earned the recognitions that the world has thrown its way over the years. For more than a century, the German brand and toy manufacturer has produced so much of these that they’ve become a certified household name. But for the younger generation, there’s a lot about them that we may not know of yet. Today’s the day we’re bound to discover a little more about these cuddly wonders. Care to read?

  • The founder of the Steiff brand was a polio victim. Margarete contacted the disease at an early age which left her bound to a wheelchair. Regardless, she took up sewing classes, became a seamstress, opened her own shop and the rest is history.
  • The plush toy manufacturer was a pretty accident. As mentioned, Maragrete trained and worked as a seamstress. At the time, she saw the “ELEFäNTLE”, a pattern for a small elephant made of fabric in an issue of a magazine called “Modenwelt” dated December 8, 1879 and used it to create pin cushions. Later, she noticed that instead of the ladies using it as a sewing tool, children played with them instead. It was then that the company was born. But it wasn’t until 1902 that the infamous bears were born thanks to the genius that is Richard Steiff, Margarete’s nephew.
  • Margaret coined the company’s motto which states that “only the best is good enough for children”. She implemented meticulous testing, manufacturing and safety protocols to make sure that the toys were not only fun and adorable but were also safe which up to today is strongly upheld by the brand.
  • One of the most popular Steiff bears of all time was renowned not for its design or expensive materials but for its story and previous owner. Teddy Girl, was manufactured in 1904 and was then owned by Colonel Bob Henderson who brought the toy along with him as he fought during the second World War. Years after his death, it was sold for £110,000 at a 1994 Christies auction in London to Japanese businessman Yoshihiro Sekiguchi.
  • Winnie the Pooh, the infamous bear we all came to love in cartoons and television was fashioned out of a Steiff bear. Illustrator E.H. Shepard used his son’s toy named Growler as the inspiration and basis for the character.

Button in ears in the Steiff bears today mean many things. Depending on their material and design, one could decipher their date or decade of production and rarity. But back in the day, these were added by the company to differentiate the originals from the replicas as the plush toy industry got into a boom.

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Why It’s Dangerous to Buy Teddy Bears Online

onlineshoppingDanger is a word used to describe or denote something that triggers, brings forth or involves harm. Today, we’ll use the word on a different note as we aim to deliver the reasons behind why it’s dangerous to buy teddy bears online.

  • All it takes is a push of a button. Because everything happens in cyberspace, you can be lying down in your pajamas amidst a pile of pillows and covers. A few clicks, swipes and taps and you’ve got work done. Purchases are much easier and can be done with almost no physical activity required. You don’t even have to brush your teeth for it. Be careful though because bad breath is dangerous to people around you.
  • It’s too easy and convenient. You get to do it anytime of the day and anywhere you want. This makes for very a convenient shopping experience that’ll make you want to come again and again and again, digitally at least. It’s your wallet that might not be very pleased about that.
  • You’ve got so much to choose from. A few keywords on your search bar and presto, you’ve got hundreds if not thousands to choose from. Add a few adjectives to make things more specific and you still have a good number of choices to pick from. It can get pretty overwhelming and sometimes you may find yourself scrolling through the gazillion of items for hours at no end. It’s like window shopping without legs hurting.
  • They get delivered to your doorstep. That means no long queues at the counter and zero traffic. In other words you get to cut down on the time and physical activity. That’s pretty good but perhaps not very much for your waistline. Walking around malls and driving around shops are somehow considered exercise.
  • You don’t get judged. There are no weird sales people following you around like a hawk or judging you about the number of items on your cart. Are we the only ones who get bothered by them? Sure, they may mean no harm but sometimes you want to be left in peace when you’re shopping. Doing it online somehow allows that.

That’s it folks. Those are the reasons why we deem it dangerous to buy teddy bears online. Do you have any more to add to our list? Feel free to voice out your dilemmas and share it with everyone!

How to Manage a Stuffed Animals Collection

stuffed-animals-collectionDo you have quite the stuffed animals collection? If you do then you’ll most definitely thank the day that you found yourself on this side of the internet as we’re dishing out some tips and tricks to properly managing your well-curated stash of cuddly wonders!

  • Know each item like you do your child. – Collectible pieces are rare and pretty exclusive so they’re not bound to closely resemble any other toy you already have or previously heard of. This is why you should make it a point to research and discover all there is to it about them as this will play a huge part in their care and maintenance later on.
  • Invest and pick a storage system. – There are many methods and options to choose from but perhaps the most popular among the bunch would be floating and open shelves as well as glass door cabinets. They allow for enough display and visual while keeping the stuffed toys out of harm’s way which brings us to our next tip.
  • Keep them out of easy reach. – At least to children and pets. We all know that kids aren’t the most careful of beings and pets are no different. Collectible stuffed animals are not meant for play but more for display. Plus, they have quite the financial value that makes damages a serious headache. Putting them high up enough so as to prevent prying hands and paws away is necessary.
  • Schedule regular cleaning. – You don’t necessarily have to wash them unless there’s obvious and deliberate need to do so. If there is barely any dirt, wiping and dusting off any impurities can be achieved with a soft brush and/or a slightly damp soft cloth. This is all the more needed for open storage displays.
  • Keep an inventory. – This may sound a little bit too boring and too much of a desk job but it does have its merits. For one, you’ll keep track of what toys you already have in your stash. Second, it’ll be easier for you to look up if anything seems to be missing. Third, you can likewise store all the details and care instructions for each piece for future reference.
  • Give them lots of love. – Collectible stuffed animals may be lifeless per se but they’re no ordinary things. A lot of them come with stories hidden and tucked away in every hem and button. Care and love is necessary so as to properly maintain and lengthen their lives.


Questions to Ask Before Buying a Toy

buy toyShopping for toys is easy-peesy, or is it? When it comes to shopping even for things as seemingly simple as toys, buyers need to be smart or else lose in the process. No worries though because we’re not nearing the difficulty of calculus problems. To jumpstart your smart shopping, has prepared the following questions to ask before buying a toy.

Why am I buying one?

People buy toys for different reasons. Oftentimes, this is for gift purposes but there are also cases where it is done for an entirely different reason, collecting for example. It is important to establish the reason behind the purchase because it’s not so smart to buy on a whim especially when it doesn’t fit into one’s current budget.

What type of toy am I going for?

Puzzles, dolls, stuffed animals, craft kits, art supplies, story books and the list goes on. This makes it entirely easy to feel overwhelmed. With such a huge selection, it can feel particularly hard to choose an item so it’s best to think it through before heading out to the mall or shop. Also, see to it that should you purchase for play purposes, opt for a toy that also has educational benefits.

How big is my budget?

Depending on the type, condition, rarity, brand and size of the item, the prices could really vary. But before you go about worrying on that aspect, one must first establish a budget. How much are you willing and capable to spend? Obviously, going beyond your means is highly discouraged.

Will the recipient like it?

If you’re buying for yourself then go ahead and skip this question but if not then you better do some research. Know what the recipient likes, does and wants. It would also be particularly helpful to choose an item that fits their lifestyle and personality. For example, if you’re buying for a kid who likes animals then a teddy bear or similar other stuffed animal would be a great option. If you’re getting something for a little girl who likes to watch her mom in the kitchen, miniature and replica pots and pans would be interesting.

Where will I shop?

There are countless toy shops around from physical stores to online sites. It’s not as hard to find a particular item that you’d like to buy. Just make sure that the seller is trustworthy enough. A little research won’t hurt.

How Stuffed Animals Nurture Your Kids

stuffed animals kidsStuffed animals are perhaps the most popular type of toy among kids. They’re cute and cuddly and their charm is so on point. But more than the whimsical and darling appearances, these toys can actually nurture your children more than you think they can. Don’t believe us? We’ve asked the experts to dish out some facts on the matter. Read up to discover what they are.

  • They help with motor skills development. – For toddlers most specifically, these toys are a great tool when it comes to developing their muscle movement. Playtime allows them to come to terms with various activities that enable them to get to know their body and how their limbs work.
  • They initiate the introduction to the senses. – Apart from motor skills, stuffed animals help kids get acquainted with the different senses. For example, colors and patterns are visual. Textures like in fur are for touch while some pieces have a musical feature to them.
  • They are a great learning mechanism. – Children first learn by imitation. Notice how they learn how to speak by following and imitating the people and sounds they hear around them. When it comes to toys, they can be used to tell stories, act out movements and portray various characters for the child to follow and learn from.
  • They ease anxiety and nerves. – These cuddly toys are great when it comes to calming a kid’s frayed nerves or comforting them when they are sad or anxious about something. There’s a certain comfort that they bring allowing them to be great at such a task. In fact, many child psychologist have found it to be a really effective toy when it comes to calming children in upsetting situations.
  • They provide comfort. – Sometimes, all it takes to get a kid to stop from crying say due to a scraped knee or a bad stomach is to hand them a toy that they like. Stuffed animals are perfect because people tend to hug them and hugging releases happy hormones throughout the body.
  • They encourage imagination and creativity. – If there’s one thing that stuffed animals are really great at, it’s role playing. They are the perfect materials when it comes to portraying characters and bringing out fun stories. They’re easy to dress up too. They can be washed should they get dirty. Plus, they’re all around adorable. Ever heard of a princess bunny that got turned into a mermaid?

How to Choose a Toy for Presents

gift givingGift giving is a fun task but sometimes it can be painstaking especially when one can’t seem to find the perfect piece. Toys are no alien in this situation. It may seem like picking one would be easy but then again we are often bombarded with the question, “Which one do I give?” If you’ve seen yourself in this situation, don’t fret because you’re not alone. To help us, the friendly team over at has come up with the following tips s a guide.

  • Match the occasion. – What is the present for? Is it a birthday, a holiday or just a simple gesture of love? It pays to match the present with the occasion and even with the theme that goes with it.
  • Keep it age appropriate. – It’d be completely silly and thoughtless to buy something for someone when the item doesn’t match their age. For example, would you get a toy suitable for a ten year old for a kid who’s only two? No, you don’t.
  • Find out their wants. – What does the recipient wish to receive? Sure, finding this out can be tricky but then it pays to do your research. Be observant and take sublte hints. See that smile on their face when they tear the present open and see what it holds.
  • Check out what they might need. – What toy are they likely to need or prefer to have? Let’s say, you’re buying something for your 8 year old niece who loves dolls. Getting her another doll or perhaps accessories for it like clothes would be a great option.
  • Know what they already have. – It would be pretty awful to receive a present that you already have, probably unless it’s a dollar bill then who doesn’t want another? But getting the exact same teddy bear for example wouldn’t be exciting so it doesn’t hurt to check and ask what the recipient might already want. In fact, if they have a gift registry then paying attention to it would be beneficial. It has been a lifesaver for many.
  • Check for safety labels. – Last but not the least; always check out the labels for safety instructions and warnings. You would not want to create any harmful situation out of your toy present. It has to be enjoyable but at the same time safe. Playtime must always be safe. Toys should always be safe, regardless of the recipient and their age.


Do’s and Don’ts in Vintage Steiff Limited Edition Bears

vintage steiffCaring for vintage Steiff bears is no joke. They need just as much amount of care but only more. Unlike the regular models, they’ve lived for quite a significant amount of time, some decades while others nearing a century if not more. The materials used in some may not even be utilized anymore and let’s not forget that many of them have precious metals and valuable pieces in them. Taking them for granted is silly if not entirely stupid. So to guide everyone along, here is a list of do’s and don’ts in vintage Steiff limited edition bear care.

Do know of its age. This is important because this will allow you to know about the toy’s type of material as well as its possible condition. Doing so shall aid in the determination of proper care, storage and maintenance.

Don’t leave them unguarded. In other words, provide for adequate and appropriate storage. Shelving and cabinets are a good way to keep them stored and displayed at the same time.

Do inspect for stain and damages. Do this on the regular. The faster and earlier you tend to these matters, the easier it will be. Stains are harder to remove the longer they stay and as for damages, they tend to worsen over time. Act as fast as you can.

Don’t wash them mindlessly. Again, know of the toy’s age, material, model and condition. Not all vintage pieces are still fit for hand or machine washing anymore. Plus in the event that they are, the cleaning methods and materials will be determined by the same factors so be in the know.

Do keep them out of reach from kids and pets. Vintage Steiff bears are more for collection and display and not play. Moreover, they are certainly not chewables for your dogs or scratchers for your cats. It is best to place your storage solutions high enough to keep them from harm’s way.

Don’t play doctor. This is particularly directed to cleaning and repairs. If you do not have the full knowledge and skill to do it then you better leave it to the experts. Experimenting as you go can harm the Steiff bear and create even more harm. There are many professional toy repair shops out there so it would be best to bring it to them instead. Don’t play doctor or your toy might die in the process.

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7 Reasons Why Steiff Bears are the Best

Steiff bears are undoubtedly one of the world’s most favorite and celebrated toys. Not only for being one of the cutest and cuddliest teddies in the industry, the brand and its products have been popular for various different reasons. Belowsteiff-bears quirky, fun and creative pieces many of which are collaborations with brands, tributes to certain events or people or a play on a particular theme.

# 5: Button in Ear – Considered as the very trademark that set Steiff teddies apart, button in ears accompany each toy. The design and material can vary depending on the year of manufacture and its exclusivity category.

# 6: Exclusivity – Steiff designs special and limited edition releases that are huge hits to collectors around the globe. These pieces are surefire exclusive and manufactured in small volumes depending on the design and the purpose behind its creation. It is for this reason why these teddy bears are a favorite among many.

# 7: Value – Particularly for vintage and limited edition Steiff bears, their values can fetch quite an amount. Some of them may be priced at a hundred to a few thousand dollars but there are pieces that rake up hundred thousands of dollars with even the most expensive piece sold for a whopping $2.1 million!

Cheat Sheet: Vintage Steiff Teddy Bear Shopping

 Are you going for a vintage Steiff teddy bear shopping spree? If so then we be you’d love to hear from this cheat sheet of hours. Don’t worry we’ve got your back and you’re welcome.

Cheat Sheet Tip #1: Know your bears. – The materials used on the bears varied as time went by particularly in terms of their eyes and button in ears. Structures differ too and there are elements that were present in earlier models that didn’t appear in the later ones and vice versa. Research well so you can distinguish the toys properly.

Cheat Sheet Tip # 2: Establish a budget. – Because they are vintage finds, they aren’t priced like regular pieces. This makes it important for you to establish your budget and ensure that your sources will indeed provide.

Cheat Sheet Tip # 3: Know your limits. – Set a limit too because you don’t want to end up with empty pockets. You may be a diehard Steiff fan but you should still practice smart shopping.

Cheat Sheet Tip # 4: Go online. – There are many online shops that cater to vintage Steiff teddy bears. Not only are they easy to search and find thanks to the internet but it also allows you to tap sellers from other locations.

Cheat Sheet Tip # 5: Try an auction. – If you are a really serious collector then auctions could be your cup of tea. Many of the world’s most sought after, historic and unique pieces can be found here. Just make sure that you’ve got your budget ready.

antique steiffCheat Sheet Tip # 6: Go for the unusual. – You might as well like to try unusual shopping spots. Enter antique stores or take a look at garage sales. Most of the time people don’t know the value of the treasures they have and antique stores are basically full of surprises.

Cheat Sheet Tip # 7: Validate the toy. – If you’re unsure of the item, you can bring it to a professional for examination. This is also the reason behind the first item on this list. To determine the authenticity of an item, you need to know all there is about Steiff teddy bears.

Cheat Sheet Tip # 8: Read seller reviews. – Look for feedback and reviews regarding the vintage Steiff teddy bear shop, seller or website. This should give you an idea as to whether or not they are legit and if they uphold quality.

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What Makes the Steiff Queen Elizabeth the Toy of Your Dreams

As collectors or shall we say passionate toy aficionados, we all want to have specific pieces that are not only rare but also holds a story worth sharing or a piece of tale so interesting it never grows old. Lately, such has been the demand for a popular German manufacturer’s commemorative collectible piece. We are referring to the Steiff Queen Elizabeth teddy bear. Why is it so interesting? Does it showcase a feature that no other Steiff bear has ever had? What about it then?

The Steiff Queen Elizabeth teddy bear is a special and limited edition release specifically designed for the British monarch for her special milestone on September 9, 2015. On such day, she becomes the longest reigning monarch throughout British history and the world’s longest female monarch to ever rule. Why is this so remarkable then? Allow us to take you to a brief history lesson.

Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, or more popularly known as Elizabeth II, ascended the throne in 1952.  About half a decade before that, the Victorian Era has just ended. This period of cultural, industrial, political, scientific and military change and massive expansion of the British Empire was under the rule of Queen Alexandrina Victoria, thus the name given to the aforementioned era.

Steiff-queen-elizabeth-teddy-bearQueen Victoria was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. She was crowned at an early age of eighteen inheriting the throne from her father Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn on June 20, 1837. Her rule lasted until January 22, 1901. In other words, she held the throne for a period of sixty three years, seven months and two days. If not for her death at the age of 81 due to cerebral hemorrhage, her reign would have still continued to span years.

Sixty three years, seven months and two days is quite a long span of time, however, Queen Elizabeth II proves otherwise because she’s overtaking Queen Victoria as the title holder of the longest British reign by September 2015. This commemorative event is what makes the aforementioned Steiff Queen Elizabeth teddy bear really special.

Apart from its story and symbolism, the toy is also bedecked with awesome features. First of all, it is a musical bear that plays the National Anthem “God Save the Queen”. To establish its rarity and exclusivity, it bears the Steiff button in ear trademark but in gold plating instead. Its label is also in white with red lettering. Furthermore, the Steiff Queen Elizabeth teddy bear is made from the finest Schulte Mohair and is dressed in a deep blue coronation robe with spotted plush edging and a majestic crown.

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